Welcome to FSM TC&I

Secretary Weilbacher

As the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure, also known as TC&I, it gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone, and especially the general public, to our web site.

Governments are established to serve the people, and it is a fundamental obligation of governments to be transparent in their delivery of services. It is for this reason that our site has been established and will be further developed as time goes on. We hope that a well-managed web presence will make it possible for the public to quickly and efficiently gather a wide range of practical information relating to the four department divisions and their activities, while becoming better informed about capital projects and other matters of importance related to the Department.

TC&I is the technical branch of the FSM National Government and manages all interstate and international sea and air transportation, regulates the radio communication spectrum, and implements, coordinates, and manages all capital projects funded by the FSM Congress.

Thank you all.

Lukner B. Weilbacher
Secretary of TC&I

Our Mandate

Development and administration of sound policies and regulations to ensure a reliable sea and air transportation system and communication network, and also ensure that capital projects meet construction safety standards, are cost effective, and meet both the strategic Development and the Infrastructure Plans of the Nation.

How We Are Organized

The Department of Transportation, Communications & Infrastructure is organized into four divisions, each with its own assistant secretary (transportation is split into the Marine Division and Division of Civil Aviation). Download the chart as pdf (211 kb)

TC&I Organizational Chart

TC&I Personnel

Department Administration

name title email address
Secretary Weilbacher Lukner B. Weilbacher Department Secretary lukner.weilbacher@tci.gov.fm
Beauter Sohl Beauter Sohl Administrative Officer beauter.sohl@tci.gov.fm
Maristella Liwy Maristella Liwy Executive Secretary maristella.liwy@tci.gov.fm
Charity Edwards Charity Edwards Secretary I charity.edwards@tci.gov.fm
Jane Abraham Jane Abraham Secretary I jane.abraham@tci.gov.fm
Keicyleen O Susaia Keicyleen O Susaia Secretary I keicyleen.susaia@tci.gov.fm

Marine Division

name title email address
Jayson Elymore Jason Elymore Operations Manager jason.elymore@tci.gov.fm
Louis Malfin Louis Malfin Technical Branch Manager louis.malfin@tci.gov.fm
John Tiegmai John Tiegmai Safety & Inspection Manager john.tiegmai@tci.gov.fm
Leo Lokopwe Leo Lokopwe Consultant leo.lokopwe@tci.gov.fm

Division of Civil Aviation (DCA)

name title email address
Master Halbert Master Halbert Assistant Secretary master.halbert@tci.gov.fm
Glenn Harris Glenn Harris Aviation Security Inspector glenn.harris@tci.gov.fm
Marvin Heine Marvin Heine Airport Safety Inspector marvin.heine@tci.gov.fm

Communications Division

name title email address
Mark Deorio Mark Deorio Assistant Secretary mark.deorio@tci.gov.fm
Jolden Johnnyboy Jolden Johnnyboy Consultant jolden.johnnyboy@tci.gov.fm
Paul James Paul James Frequency Manager paul.james@tci.gov.fm
Edward Albert Edward Albert ICT Manager edward.albert@tci.gov.fm

Infrastructure Division

name title email address
Dickson Wichep Dickson Wichep Assistant Secretary dickson.wichep@tci.gov.fm
Stanley Ernest Stanley Ernest Project Manager stanley.ernest@tci.gov.fm
Wilmer Kilmete Wilmer Kilmete Water Engineer wilmer.kilmete@tci.gov.fm
Peter Hagileisa Peter Hagileisa Architect peter.hagileisa@tci.gov.fm
Kummer Biza Kummer Biza Engineering Technician kummer.biza@tci.gov.fm
Briner Sam Briner Sam Surveyor / Inspector briner.sam@tci.gov.fm
Arlington Saimon Arington Saimon Electrician arington.saimon@tci.gov.fm
Dicotson Pelep Dicotson Pelep Carpenter dicotson.pelep@tci.gov.fm
Patterson Shed Jr. Patterson Shed Jr. Plumber patterson.shedjr@tci.gov.fm
Sanjamitra Basu, PE Sanjatamitra Basu, PE Senior Project Manager sanjatamitra.basu@tci.gov.fm
Esiri Edward Esiri Edward Accountant esiri.edward@tci.gov.fm
Phillip Gianan Phillip Gianan FSM Civil Engineer phillip.gianan@tci.gov.fm