Department Contact Info

P.O. Box PS-2
Palikir, Pohnpei, FM 96941

ph: 691.320.2865 / 2381 / 5829
fax: 691.320.5853

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The F.S.M. Department of Transportation, Communications & Infrastructure (TC&I) and all its divisions are located on the 2nd Floor of the Kaselehlie Building at the national government complex in Palikir, Pohnpei Island.

TC&I Personnel

Department Administration

name title email address
Secretary Weilbacher Lukner B. Weilbacher Department Secretary
Beauter Sohl Beauter Sohl Administrative Officer
Maristella Liwy Maristella Liwy Executive Secretary
Charity Edwards Charity Edwards Secretary I
Jane Abraham Jane Abraham Secretary I
Keicyleen O Susaia Keicyleen O Susaia Secretary I

Marine Division

name title email address
Jayson Elymore Jason Elymore Operations Manager
Louis Malfin Louis Malfin Technical Branch Manager
John Tiegmai John Tiegmai Safety & Inspection Manager
Leo Lokopwe Leo Lokopwe Consultant

Division of Civil Aviation (DCA)

name title email address
Master Halbert Master Halbert Assistant Secretary
Glenn Harris Glenn Harris Aviation Security Inspector
Marvin Heine Marvin Heine Airport Safety Inspector

Communications Division

name title email address
Mark Deorio Mark Deorio Assistant Secretary
Jolden Johnnyboy Jolden Johnnyboy Consultant
Paul James Paul James Frequency Manager
Edward Albert Edward Albert ICT Manager

Infrastructure Division

name title email address
Dickson Wichep Dickson Wichep Assistant Secretary
Stanley Ernest Stanley Ernest Project Manager
Wilmer Kilmete Wilmer Kilmete Water Engineer
Peter Hagileisa Peter Hagileisa Architect
Kummer Biza Kummer Biza Engineering Technician
Briner Sam Briner Sam Surveyor / Inspector
Arlington Saimon Arington Saimon Electrician
Dicotson Pelep Dicotson Pelep Carpenter
Patterson Shed Jr. Patterson Shed Jr. Plumber
Sanjamitra Basu, PE Sanjatamitra Basu, PE Senior Project Manager
Esiri Edward Esiri Edward Accountant
Phillip Gianan Phillip Gianan FSM Civil Engineer